3d Modeling

FreemanTek can provide quality drafting. This includes Architectual, Mechanical, Survey site plans and Civil Engineering plan preparation. In addition to plan work, we can provide high-end 3d modeling using the latest in Visualization techniques

Visualization is a science that combines a variety of different applications and technologies such as photography, digital imaging, Computer Aided Design,
video, computer graphics, animation and virtual reality to realistically generate and portray existing and proposed project conditions. This innovative technology makes it possible for the public to 'see', experience and therefore better understand proposed project impacts during the planning and design process, before any construction takes place. By having a better understanding of proposed impacts, more informed and acceptable decisions can be achieved through collaboration and partnering and the project development process can be completed sooner.

Visualization significantly improves the ability to assess complex planning design and construction alternatives, including the ability to:

- Identify and solve potential problem areas early in the project development process
- Evaluate Context Sensitive Design features
- Generate and evaluate alternatives faster
- Facilitate early Public Involvement


Plan Preparation
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