Welcome to Cylinder Head Specialist Inc.

Here we specialize in cylinder head porting and polishing.
You can expect high quality workmanship, pleasing flow results
and Big Power gains

Why is cylinder head port and polish work so important to your engine's performance?
It reduces the restriction in the engine's intake and exhaust chambers.
Reduce that restriction and you let more air into the cylinders.
If you have more air, you can add more fuel. The result is increased horsepower.

10 years of Automotive cylinder head porting and polishing experience
makes us cylinder head specialists
with outstanding results at a reasonable price.
ASE Certified in Automotive Engines

Call for:
- pricing on competition race valve job
- larger intake & exhaust valve modifications
- change or upgrade of valvesprngs and/or retainer
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We specialize in
Ford, Chevy, Mopar, Honda, VW and Toyota Cylinder Heads
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